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Classic Country Drives – CT
Classic Car Rentals


Our Fleet, Your Fleet

We know the difference is in the details and that’s why our car rental services, in the tourism
and business industry, stand out for their quality and good taste, to offer you an unique experience

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Escape the everyday

Get out of the hustle & bustle of the city and visit our “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut. Drive in style and choose from a variety of classic European cars for a stylish lift. We’ve got road maps and landmarks to visit so that not all who wander are lost.


Affordable Luxury

Why not rent a classic as often as you want? Enjoy affordable, classic car experiences and the freedom to explore and discover without the cost of owning or maintaining your own classic car.


Go the Extra Mile

Let us help you create the most memorable driving experience. We can dress up a car for weddings, anniversary celebrations, or help you plan a route of open-air motoring to local farm shops, wineries, and antique stores.